The deadline for nominations for the 2019 Path of Excellence award is March 15, 2019!  All nominations must include the proper paperwork to be considered.  

Created in 2018, the Path of Excellence honors groups, companies and teams that have played a prominent role in the growth and development of our sport with their exceptional contribution in the form of innovation, performance and/or competitive excellence, leadership, education, safety, sponsorship,  aviation, design/invention and/or manufacturing, sport promotion, photography/videography, and/or philanthropy making them worthy of special recognition. The Path of Excellence Award is specifically for entities – groups, companies, organizations or teams for significant contribution(s) of enduring high value to the world of skydiving and is a prestigious award in both name and distinction. Award nominees will be voted on by supporters of the museum including Ambassadors, Counselors, Trustees, Members of the Hall of Fame, and Major Donors.

The presentation of the Path of Excellence Award will take place during our 2019 International Skydiving Hall of Fame Celebration at Skydive Perris in Perris, CA, October 17 – 19, 2019. 

More information about the Path of Excellence Award and how to nominate an entity for this award can be found at  Once a nomination is made, it will be retained on file for future consideration.   Please contact Nancy (Kemble) Wilhelm, Museum Administrator, with questions.

Path of Excellence Award Winners

2018 - 1988 Seoul Olympic Skydiving Exhibition Team

Path of Excellence Nominations on File for Consideration

Alan Eustace & StratEX Team

Florida League Canopy Piloting Association



Pioneers of Sport Parachuting

Red Bull Stratos Team

Team Raeford

US Freefall Exhibition Team