Please contact Nancy (Kemble) Wilhelm, Museum Administrator, to find out if an individual has been nominated.

Selection Committee

The Selection Committee is chaired by the Hall of Fame Committee chair and comprised of the following members:

  • The International Skydiving Museum & Hall of Fame trustees who comprise the voting members of the Hall of Fame Committee.
  • One member of the U.S. Parachute Association board of directors (not also a Museum trustee) selected by that organization’s governing body.
  • One member of the Parachute Industry Association’s governing body (not also a Museum trustee) selected by that organization’s governing body.
  • One Hall of Fame member [also not Museum trustees] selected by the Hall of Fame Selection Committee chair with the concurrence of the Skydiving Museum president.
  • One member of the ISC governing body (not also an ISM trustee) selected by that organization's governing body.
  • One at-large non-trustee member selected by the chair to ensure that the committee has a cross section of the skydiving community in terms of both competition disciplines and skydiving currency.
  • The Selection Committee chair shall determine the members of the Selection Committee and advise the Skydiving Museum board by November 30.

Selection Procedures

  • The selection of inductees will be made by the Hall of Fame Selection Committee and ratified by the International Skydiving Museum Board of Trustees.
  • The Selection Committee shall meet annually, either in person (preferably) or via electronic conferencing methods to vote on the list of candidates. The meeting will be closed.
  • At least three weeks prior to the annual meeting of the Selection Committee, the museum administrator will ensure that all completed nominations submitted by November 30 are available for the committee’s review.
  • Two weeks prior to the annual meeting of the HOF Selection Committee, all members of the Selection Committee may annually fully vet and propose up to five names from the list of nominees for consideration for induction into the Hall of Fame.  No current trustee or voting member of the HOF Selection Committee are eligible for HOF consideration.
  • After discussion of the candidates’ qualifications, the Selection Committee members will be asked to submit to the chair 9 candidates.  Three candidates receive 3 votes, three candidates receive two votes and three candidates receive one vote.  The Chair will rank list the candidates by their vote totals.
  • A discussion will take place starting with the candidates receiving the most votes.  If no major objections or new information is brought forth that candidate will be voted on for final acceptance to the HOF.  If during the discussions the Chair feels that the new information needs more review the candidate will be removed from consideration and held until next year.
  • In the event of a tie or ties for the last spots, the committee will vote for those in the tying spot until the tie(s) are broken.  The committee may select no more than five nominees or less than one from the list.  Initial straw polling may be used by the Chair in order to ensure thorough consideration of all candidates.
  • Only members of the HOF Committee can vote on waivers to the committee's SOP.


Each inductee will receive a plaque and a Hall of Fame blazer in the inductee's size and a name tag with the inductee's name and class year.  Additionally, the inductees will be suitably recognized in a permanent Hall of Fame gallery in the Skydiving Museum.

Induction Ceremony

There will be an annual Museum hosted and organized event dedicated to the recognition of the inductee(s). This event should also serve as a major fundraising event for the Skydiving Museum.  


Initial funding shall be provided by the Skydiving Museum. However, additional and sustained funding should be by endowment.


Recommended forms for nomination and the list of past awardees are available from Museum headquarters and/or Museum website.

*Amendments: The International Skydiving Museum & Hall of Fame Board of Trustees and the Nominating Committee of the International Skydiving Hall of Fame reserves the right to revoke, alter or amend these rules at any time.