International Skydiving Museum & Hall of Fame Ambassador #77, Marshall Madden, is being awarded this year’s Trustees Award “for voluntarily contributing services or making other gestures of goodwill to the skydiving museum in furtherance of its principles and objectives.”  Marshall made his career as a successful sales professional.  He has carried those skills into his efforts on behalf of the museum.  His affable and pleasant demeanor coupled with his indelible smile makes him a true ambassador for the project.

Marshall is a tireless promoter of the museum and an enthusiastic Ambassador recruiter.  Examples of Marshall’s efforts are his getting a banner made with the museum logo. It is sized to hang from the card table he sets up at skydiving boogies and events around the globe so he can tell people about the museum.  He has a notebook that consists of printouts of most of the content on the museum’s website that he carries with him. He has had museum logo stickers made to share. He has requested and received the videos the museum uses that he plays on his laptop at events.  So far, his efforts have resulted in five additional Ambassadors.

Marshall attends the Hall of Fame Celebration and reaches out to request shifts in the Ambassador tent.  He even had his photo taken in front of the sign at the site of the museum in Orlando while holding a copy of Parachutist and then submitted the photo to the publication in an effort to get it published.

Marshall considers himself a fun jumper. He had afforded to him, through diligence and luck, the opportunity to be a part of Big Way Formations, from POPS to SOS, now JOS where he continues to make records. He is grateful to the organizers who believed he could "do the job".  Marshall holds D License 18148, is a lifetime member of USPA and a Senior Rigger.   At this stage of  skydiving, for Marshall, competition has given way to comradery. Marshall’s career has a long list of accomplishments…..DJ at WRAS Radio, Atlanta, GA;  Record Rep for London, Chess/Janus Records; Record Rep for Arista Records; Sales Rep for Fender Guitars; and Sales Rep for Peavey Electronics. Currently retired, Marshall keeps busy chasing Boogies around the world!

Few people better illustrate the spirit of the Trustees Award than Marshall Madden and he does it enthusiastically and with a smile!