In Memoriam

It is a sad day for not only the museum but our entire sport worldwide as Cindi Bagley joins her beloved Larry again. Those of us fortunate enough to have called them friends were honored and enriched by their friendship. The dignity and courage they showed in their respective last days should serve as an inspiration to all of us.

As a present to herself for completing her bachelor’s degree from the University of Utah, Lucinda (Cindi) Bagley, D-10889, made her first jump at the Utah Sky Ranch Parachute Center on Sunday, October 13, 1985. Jumping out of that airplane proved to be a pivotal, life-changing event that forever influenced the course of her life. With guidance from her instructor, Larry Bagley, she successfully completed her first static line jump under a Para Commander. The original plan was to jump once, cross it off her bucket list, and move on to the next adventure. Little did she know that jump would define her life’s journey; introduce her to the love of her life; offer worldwide travel adventures and provide happiness and joy beyond measure. Professionally, Cindi started working at the Utah Sky Ranch Parachute Center packing parachutes, manifesting loads, videotaping students, and managing the finances/bookkeeping. In 1988, she received her AFF instructor certification and later went on to become a nationally rated judge in Style & Accuracy and Canopy Piloting. On a personal note, she married Larry (Bagley) in 1988 honeymooning in Seoul, Korea, where he was a member of the 1988 Olympic Skydiving Exhibition Team that performed during the opening ceremonies of the games.  In 1990, Cindi became a flight attendant for Delta Airlines which has allowed her to travel the world extensively participating in numerous skydiving events. Cindi joined the museum's Board of Trustees in 2018 and was integral to the success of the Hall of Fame Celebration.  She also served as co-chair of the museum's Nominations & Elections Committee.  The relationship she had with Larry's three daughters, Adrianne, Amanda, and Angi, and son, Christopher, and their families was as strong and loving as if they were her own.

RIP dear Cindi….you will always be remembered by your friends around the world.