Join Heroes Skydiving for an event like no other!  20-ways, 100-ways, 50-ways and then more 100-ways with great friends, amazing skydives and fun-filled evenings!  Heroes Skydiving, a group founded in 2008 that brings together skydivers for high-end challenging sequential skydives will host its annual event October 2 – 5 at Florida Skydiving Center in Lake Wales, Florida.  Proceeds from the event will go to the Skydiving Museum to support its efforts to build a museum.

The event will alternate the size of the skydives from day to day.  Day one will feature 20-ways while day two will jump right into 100-ways from 18k with O², then back down to 50 ways (also from 18k) on day three, then back up for more 100-ways on the last day.  Each day, the evening with feature celebratory dinners, beverages, and activities all included in the event fee! The event is by invitation only with inquiries going to plane captains who will make selections based on experience.


The cost for the weekend experience is $760 which covers 18 jumps, a stellar leadership team providing debriefings after each jump, HD video of each jump, pictures of the jumps, a Heroes event t-shirt and dinner and entertainment all four evenings (Wednesday – Saturday).  A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Skydiving Museum.


The leadership team of Heroes consists of organizers Louis French, Roger Ponce, and Kirk Verner; Plane Captains Jack Berke, TJ Hine, Jim McCormick, Fortson Rumble (bench captain), Derek Thomas and Joseph Wood; and Videographers Brian Festi, Norman Kent and Matt McLean.


Details and participation inquiry information as well as a weekend schedule and travel information is available at