heroes skydiving logoIf you will be in Florida this weekend, come out to watch Heroes Skydiving host 4 exciting days of 20-ways, 100-ways, 50-ways and then more 100-ways!  Heroes Skydiving, a group founded in 2008 that brings together skydivers for high-end challenging sequential skydives, will host the event this weekend, October 2 – 5, at Florida Skydiving Center, Lake Wales, FL.  Proceeds from the event will go to the Skydiving Museum to support its efforts to build a museum.

The event will alternate the size of the skydives from day to day.  Day one will feature 20-ways while day two will jump right into 100-ways from 18k with O², then back down to 50 ways (also from 18k) on day three, then back up for more 100-ways on the last day.  The activities run Thursday, October 2nd beginning at 7:30 a.m. and Friday, October 3rd through Sunday, October 5th starting at 8 a.m. each day (times subject to change).

The fundraiser will benefit the Skydiving Museum to help raise the necessary funds to build the museum.  When completed, the Skydiving Museum will recognize and promote the sport of skydiving through public education and awareness; recognize the contribution to skydiving by its participants, suppliers and supporters; capture forever the history of the sport through is events, equipment and personalities; and enhance aviation safety as it pertains to skydiving.  It is expected the museum will draw visitors from throughout the world to experience the thrill of skydiving through its history of people, equipment and events.

RECORD YOUR HISTORY AT LAKE WALES. The Skydiving Museum wants your stories of the early days of our sport and industry. Video interviews are posted in the eMuseum and will be on display forever. Time is of the essence. We are losing early skydivers at an alarming rate. Help the eMuseum to capture your stories now. Michael Kearns will be continuing his video interviews during the Lake Wales event. To sign up for a time slot, contact him at or see him at the event. The location will be announced.