The deadline for nominations for the 2019 induction into the International Skydiving Hall of        Fame is December 31st!  All nominations must include the proper paperwork to be           considered. 

Created in 2010, the International Skydiving Hall of Fame is established to recognize                 those who through leadership, innovation and/or accomplishments have defined, promoted
and advanced skydiving at the highest and sustained levels such that they have made it          possible for generations of skydivers to enjoy the sport.  The total membership of the Hall
of Fame now includes 63 of the world’s most highly accomplished sports parachutists          (complete list below).

Click here for additional information and a            nomination form.  Once a nomination is made, it will be retained on file for future         consideration.   Please contact Nancy (Kemble) Wilhelm, Museum Administrator, to                       find out if an individual has been nominated or for further information.

Members, International Skydiving Hall of Fame


Ray Cottingham

Daryl Henry

Leslie Leroy Irvin

Domina “Dom” Jalbert

Suzie Hunter-Joerns

Coy O. McDonald Jr.

Roger Ponce de Leon

Jay Stokes

Tony Uragallo

Henny Wiggers



Richard “Buzz” Bennett

Roy C. Johnson

General John “Jack” Singlaub

Graeme K. Windsor

Pat Works



Larry K. Bagley

Dave DeWolf

Edward A. “Doc” Fitch

Dick Fortenberry

Patrick “Pat” Moorehead

Bill Morrissey



Alexander “Sasha” Beloglazov

Helmut Cloth

Yasuhiro “Yasu” Kubo

Nathan “Nate” Pond

Paul “Pop” Poppenhager

Brenda G. Reid

Robert “Bob” Sinclair



Jerry Bourquin

Dan “BC” Brodsky Chenfeld

Norman Heaton

Chris Needels

Helmut Schlecht



James F. “Curt” Curtis III

Jack Jefferies

Kim Emmons Knor

Chuck MacCrone

Jackie Smith

Jim Wallace



Carl Boenish

Bob Buquor

Claude Gillard

Craig Girard

Dan Poynter

Hank and Muriel Simbro



Uwe Beckmann

Bill Booth

Jacques-André Istel

L. Len Potts

Steve Snyder

Tee Taylor



Lowell Bachman

Jerry Bird

Georgia “Tiny” Broadwick

Joe Crane

Joe Kittinger

Eilif Ness

William H. Ottley

Lew Sanborn

Cheryl Stearns

Ted Strong

Gene Paul Thacker