Cheryl Brown

What is the Ambassador Program?

The Ambassador Program is an exciting way to support the International Skydiving Museum & Hall of Fame®. Ambassadors pledge to donate to the Museum and help raise awareness of the Museum and its projects. We provide Ambassadors with everything they need to spread the word and share their support. Our goal is to have Ambassadors all over the world. All are welcome to become Museum Ambassadors!

Who makes a good Ambassador?

Our Ambassadors live on all corners of the globe and come from all walks of life. The one thing they all share is a desire to preserve skydiving history and showcase our sport to the world! Whether they have decades of jumps or are simply passionate about the project, Ambassadors share the Museum’s mission of bringing our sport’s thrilling achievements to the world.

How do I become an Ambassador?

The first step is making a pledge to donate $5,000. This donation can be made as a one-time payment, in five annual payments of $1,000 each, or in 50 monthly installments of $100. If you choose the monthly option, we will set up automatic monthly payments from either a credit card or bank account, whichever you prefer.  Next, the Museum Administrator will help you pick out your shirts and send you your patches, pin, business cards, and a card with your Ambassador number. These items will demonstrate to the world that you support the Museum and we hope you’ll show them off proudly.

What if I inspire someone to become an Ambassador?

We will keep track of everyone who tells us you inspired them to become an Ambassador. After two, you will become a 1-Star Ambassador and receive two new shirts, each with a star added to the Museum’s logo. After that, every time you inspire three new Ambassadors, we will send you two new shirts with another star added.

Do I have to actively recruit other Ambassadors?

No. Recruiting Ambassadors is not a requirement of the program. There are lots of ways you can support the Museum and we appreciate every level of involvement! Even if you never sign up another Ambassador, we hope that you’ll proudly share your involvement in the Program with your network to help us spread the word. 

How else can I support the Museum and the Ambassador Program?

Talk to your friends and fellow skydivers about the Museum and the Ambassador Program. Attend the Annual Hall of Fame Celebration. Donate skydiving artifacts from your personal collection.  Submit nominations for the International Skydiving Hall of Fame and the Path of Excellence Award.  

How many Ambassadors will there be?

As many as possible! Our goal is to have hundreds of Ambassadors. We already have Ambassadors from all over the globe. As more people join and help us spread the word, more people are becoming Ambassadors.

Where will the Museum be built and when will it be ready?

We are moving forward aggressively toward breaking ground on the Museum & Hall of Fame.  We have purchased a site in the Orlando area that is an ideal location.  We are thrilled that the first Wingsuit Wind Tunnel in the United States will be located next to us.  We are now focused on raising the funds needed to design and build the building.  A lot more information is available at  

Who do I contact if I have questions or need help signing someone up?

Please feel free to contact our Museum Administrator, Nancy (Kemble) Wilhelm, at 407-900-9997 or or our Director of Development, Jim McCormick, at 970-557-8700 or

How to Become an Ambassador