USPA 10-Way Rules

5.4.1  Each jump is made from 9,500 feet.
5.4.2  Working time starts when the first competitor crosses the starting line and stops when the formation is complete; if no clear exit is shown, the team will be assessed the maximum score of 35 seconds. 
5.4.3  Each formation must be completed within 35 seconds and held for a minimum of  five seconds. 
5.4.4  Total working time is 40 seconds. 
5.4.5  Mirror images of  random formations are permitted. 
6.2.1 A line is marked on the floor of a side-door aircraft from the front edge of the door to the opposite fuselage wall aft of the rear edge of the door; and for tailgate aircraft, the line is drawn five feet forward of the tailgate edge and parallel to the edge of the tailgate.  The videographer must record an image of  the line on the floor prior to the team exiting the aircraft.  The team must line up behind the line, and no members of the team, except the videographer, may come in contact with any portion of the aircraft on the door side or tailgate side of the line prior to commencing exit. 
6.2.2 After exit, two unlinked jumpers must initiate all formations after completely passing through the door with the remaining jumpers converging on those two jumpers.  
7.2.1 Each team receives a score (in seconds) for the completed 10-Way formation that is held for a minimum of  five seconds.  These five seconds must fall within working time (i.e., the last grip must be completed within 35 seconds).  If  a team does not complete a 10-Way formation, it will receive the maximum score of  35 seconds. 
7.2.2  The score for each jump is computed by averaging the three scores to one one-hundredth (.01) of  a second. 
7.2.3  It is the responsibility of  the team to clearly present the correct scoring formation.