Come join the fun and step back into skydiving history and compete in 10 Way Speed at Z-Hills!  Register your 10 way team.  If you are an individual we will be putting teams together. Fill out the individual registration and we will find a team for you. The Draw will be 2 formations from the 10 Way Speed STAR WARS Dive Pool. and the last round will be the “Star”. 
Saturday 8am - Briefing & 3 Jumps 
‣ Registration $100 (per team)
‣ Twin Otter Jumps $26. 50 per  person 
‣ Team Captain -  Free slot 
‣ Videographer - Free slot
‣ 3 Rounds out of Twin Otters
‣ USPA 10 Way Rules (Click Here) 
‣ 10-Way Speed STAR WARS Dive Pool (Click Here) 

Contact Marylou Laughlin to find out more.