Amy Bowen

Early Bird Registration & Reception

Start the good times early and don't miss a thing. You can avoid lines by signing in and picking up your Celebration goodie bags on Thursday. Then hang out for the Early Bird Reception. Early Bird Registration & Reception will be in the Pioneers Lounge (the Bird House renamed for the weekend). It the time to get re-acquainted with old friends and meet new ones. The Early Bird Reception will set the tone for letting the good times roll. Early Bird Registration & Reception starts at 4pm on Thursday.

Pioneers Lunch sponsored by Strong Enterprises 

The Pioneers Lunch sponsored by Strong Enterprises has become a classic. Join us for the Pioneers Lunch at the DZ to honor those pioneers who started jumping in 1965 or before and to give a special tribute to Ted Strong for his years of participation in the Pioneers Reunions. For pioneers (first jump 1965 or earlier), lunch is on Ted and is free. For others there will be a small charge for lunch. It will be the perfect gathering place and time for attendees – looking out over the drop zone and the ongoing swooping competition – combining generations of skydiving experiences together. You don't have to be a pioneer to attend. For jumpers of all ages and skill levelsIt is the perfect time to mingle with legends of the sport and get a few selfies. The Pioneers Lunch is on Friday at 12 noon.

Gear Thru the Years sponsored by PIA 

Return to those thrilling days of yesteryear - when jumpsuits were Sears painter's coveralls emblazoned with patches and football helmets were the headgear. Harness and containers were all military surplus army green and parachutes were round 28 foot 1.1 porosity. The hot modification was a 7 gore TU and you wore your reserve in front where you could get at it.  A PLF (parachute landing fall) was the way to keep from breaking bones. Join us for the Gear Thru the Years presentation sponsored by PIA and see for yourself how far we have come from those early days to today's exciting evolution in skydiving gear. Today's gear is shedding any and all limitations of the dream of flight. The progression of today's skydiving gear caters to functionality, comfort and most importantly safety. Continued advancements from around the world in equipment continues to change the face of skydiving. Gear Thru the Years presentation takes place on Friday at 1pm and on Saturday at 12:30pm.

SkyHigh Forum

Returning by popular demand is the SkyHigh Forum featuring Col. Joe Kittinger (Ret), Art Thompson and Alan Eustace who will captivate with their insights on what it means to “jump from the stratosphere” and set high altitude skydiving records. Colonel Joe did it over 50 years ago, Art Thompson was the technical project director for Red Bull Stratos and Alan Eustace is the current record holder at 135,890 feet above the earth. Share in the excitement of their accomplishments and the journey it took to get there. Open at no charge to all Celebration Event participants. The SkyHigh Forum will be on Friday at 2pm and on Saturday at 1pm.

Canopy Piloting Forum sponsored by Lee and Carol Schlichtemeier 

Jeannie Bartholomew at Skydive City. Photo by Jim Harris.Canopy Piloting or Swooping began with the development of smaller, high-performance parachutes and has become the most spectator-friendly discipline in our sport. The forum is relevant to everyone whatever your current canopy handling skills are. Greg Windmiller of Superior Flight Solutions, LLC and Ian Bobo of Performance Design will lead the forum and give us insight on the history of this exciting spectator sport and how the evolution of smaller, faster canopies requires a high level of skill and experience. The Canopy Piloting Forum will be Friday at 10am and is a good lead in to the For the Legends Freestyle Canopy Piloting Meet that starts at noon. Jeannie Bartholomew at Skydive City. Picture by Jim Harris.

Book Signings

You will be able to meet and greet legends of our sport, buy their inspiring books and have them sign. The books will make great Christmas gifts. On hand will be Col. Joe Kittinger (Ret) who was inducted into the Skydiving Hall of Fame in 2010 and Jackie Smith, inducted in 2012. Book signings will be on Friday, 3:30 to 4:30pm and on Saturday 11am to 12 noon on Saturday.

Fun Fest BBQ

Life is always sweeter with good food and great friends. After a terrific day of skydiving and just hanging out, catching up with old friends, and watching the exciting Canopy Piloting contest, it will be time to relax with good food, great friends and terrific conversation and lots of laughs. The Fun Fest BBQ is just that. The BBQ starts at 6pm and runs til late.

Hall of Fame Reception

This year's reception will start early (at 5:30pm) so we can give accolades and medals to the winners of the 10-way Speed STAR WARS and For the Legends Freestyle Canopy Piloting Meet. This is just the beginning of the evening of celebration.

Hall of Fame Banquet and Induction Ceremony

The highlight of the weekend and the reason we all come together is the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. This year ten outstanding individuals representing skydiver from around the world will be inducted into the International Skydiving Hall of Fame. The evening is a true Celebration of our sport and those individuals who have had a real positive impact.