2016 Hall of Fame Inductees2016-hall-of-fame-inductees-cropped-small

Created in 2010, the Skydiving Hall of Fame recognizes and honors those who, through leadership, innovation and/or outstanding achievement have defined, promoted, inspired and advanced skydiving at the highest and sustained levels in the past, present, and for future generations of skydivers. From L to R – The 2016 Hall of Fame Inductees are: Pat Moorehead, Larry Bagley, Dave DeWolf, DiSkydive TVck Fortenberry, Doc Fitch (posthumous award accepted by Jay Stokes), Bill Morrissey.

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Ready, set, go! With this rousing shout, skydivers from students to large groups have leaped into the air and in some way realized their fascination with human flight. Now it’s ready, set, go for the International Skydiving Museum.

Whether you have 20,000 jumps, one jump or have always dreamed of making a jump, your dream should be to have one place – a building where we can record, maintain, enjoy and revel in our rich skydiving history.  This history – OUR HISTORY – of skydiving is slowly slipping away. We have to act now while pioneers are still with us, memories are fresh, the equipment intact and photos and movies are vivid.

Not only do we need to preserve our start but also preserve our living and growing heritage as well – a simple baton pass in 1958 by Steve Snyder and Charlie Hilliard has evolved into complex geometric formations. Back then there was only belly flying. Now many of these formations include vertical sit and head down flying. History is being made everyday with canopy formations, wingsuit skydiving, canopy piloting and hybird formations that are amazing to see and be in.  This is your history. We need your support. Are you with us?  DONATE NOW!