Zach Schroedel
We invite you to become an Ambassador. 

Museum Ambassadors are members of the skydiving community and others who share the vision of giving the International Skydiving Museum & Hall of Fame™ an exciting and permanent home. As an Ambassador you will have a unique opportunity to join with the pioneers of skydiving and distinguished members of our community in preserving the history of our sport and presenting it to the world. Here’s how:

Skydivers and supporters who are committed to bringing the dream to life.

Jack Adkins
Curt Bachman
Larry K. Bagley
Richard “Buzz” Bennett
Peter Bourdon
Sherry Butcher
Christopher Clark
Chuck Collingwood
Fred Coltreau
Ben Currin
Curt Curtis
Dave DeWolf
Jack Dunn
Mike Dyer
Dana Engelstad
Robert Feldman
Philip F. Flynn
George Frey
Cris Fucci
Nancy Gruttman-Tyler 
David TK Hayes
John Higgins
Mike Horan
Kathryn W. Huff
Michael S. Kearns
Roger Kidd
Kirk Knight
Peter Kramer
Xiaoli Lai
Ray Lallo
Nancy LaRiviere
Marylou Laughlin
Marcie LaVanway
Robert V. "Bob" Lewis
John Marcaccio
Don Mayer
Jim McCormick
Bob McDonald
Jan Meyer
Cathy Miller 
Linda Miller
Pat Moorehead 
Chris Needels
Norm Olson
Doug Pinkham
Steve Pisano
Suzanne Poppenhager
James N. Rees, Jr.
Sandy Reid
Simon Repton
Gillian Reyner
Robert "Rhyno" Rhynearson
Stephen Salisbury
Tim Saltonstall
Lee Schlichtemeier
Adam Schmucker
Nathan Schmucker
Deke Sonnichsen
SFC Larry Stafford, USA, Ret
Cheryl Stearns 
Larry Stein 
Jay Stokes
Fran Strimenos
Tee Taylor
Pat Thomas
Laura Tyler
Ed Vickery
Beverly Veley
   (In memory of Bob Veley)
Kristin Vines
Donna Wardean-Dunn
Tim Weible
Bruce Wicks
Graeme Windsor
David "Woody" Woodhouse
Jan Works
   (In memory of Pat Works)
Ron Zais

       Has recruited at least two Ambassadors.
    Has recruited at least five Ambassadors.
 Has recruited at least eight Ambassadors.

How to Become an Ambassador