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Our eMuseum & eLibrary is a listing of all of the artifacts and collections of documents in the museum inventory. There are nearly 900 Objects so far.  
The list is growing as more equipment and papers are added. Listings are being enhanced as photos and detailed descriptions are being made. Some of the Objects are accessible for viewing online now.

emuseum_buttonClick Here eMuseum Inventory to download an Excel spreadsheet of items collected.

The museum physical inventory is being stored in several locations with the largest collection at a Para Gear warehouse in Skokie, Illinois. Once the brick & mortar museum is built, the physical inventory will be moved into the storage area of the museum building. Individual artifacts and documents will be extracted for public view on a rotating basis.

Do you have equipment, publications, pins, patches or other interesting artifacts that need to be saved for possible display when the museum is built? 

We call these non-cash donations “In-Kind” donations. The International Skydiving Museum & Hall of Fame is currently accepting in-kind donations – but prior to sending or delivering a material donation, please read the following guidelines.

  • For complete guidelines on the eMuseum “In-Kind Donations”, visit InKind Donations Procedure
  • Please complete the InKind Application and e-mail, fax or mail as outlined on the bottom or the form.
  • Once a donation is accepted, the administrator will notify where to send the donation. Please note, a completed Deed of Gift is required to accompany the donation.
  • Upon receipt of the donation, a letter of acknowledgment will be issued.
  • Please note that all material donations become the permanent property of the museum and will not be returned. Restrictions placed on gifts may not be followed.

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URLs ending in PDF may have to be Copy>Pasted into your web browser.Column G, Donor Contact Information, has been deleted from the eMuseum posted file to comply with privacy laws. If you want to contact an old jumping friend, contact the Museum Administrator Nancy Kemble: nkemble@skydivingmuseum.org. The Inventory file is large and growing. It may take some time to download.Some of the photographs and information on this site may be copyrighted. Do not re-use without permission.To enlarge the pictures of the items, zoom the XLS page to 400%
For further information, please contact museum administrator Nancy Kemble at (540)604-9745 or nkemble@skydivingmuseum.org.

Other Documents of Interest:

inventory Label

Do Not Destroy sign

Inkind Donation Contact Information

Sample Acknowledgement Letter

IRS Forms and Explanations

WARNING – Parachute jumping (skydiving) is a potentially dangerous activity that can result in injury or death.
Each individual participant, regardless of experience, has final responsibility for his or her own safety.


  1. Red Hot Rocket says:

    In memoriam (By the memory) of TV’s Ripcord (first-run syndicated, 1961-1963) stars, Larry Pennell (* Uniontown, Pennsylvania/February 21, 1928 – ?/August 28, 2013) as the colorful and youthful skydiving fellow Ted McKeever and Ken Curtis (* Lamar, Colorado/July 2, 1916 – + Fresno, California/April 28, 1991) as his older mentor and sidekick Jim Buckley, and for love of parachuting and skydiving, which are also an art, a science and, better than a business, an industry, all at the same time, let’s make justice to safety on both already mentioned daring and thrilling air sports by exhibiting permanently at this your museum the chutes (parachutes for short) used on the most danger-packed adventure show on television of the early 1960s ever made, Ripcord!

  2. Red Hot Rocket says:

    In recent posthumous homage to parachuting pioneer and television’s Ripcord co-creator USAF Brigadier General James Carl Hall (* Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania/April 14, 1926 – + Aurora, Colorado/June 1, 2014), I wish for another permanent exhibition at this your museum on his life and carrer in parachuting and skydiving industry until his recent death on Sunday, June 1 of this year, two weeks before Father’s Day.

  3. Red Hot Rocket says:

    As the late Larry Pennell (* Uniontown, Pennsylvania/February 21, 1928 – + ?/August 28, 2013) as the colorful and youthful Ripcord skydiving fellow Ted McKeever said at the end of the episode “Radar Rescue”: “Parachuting is a fast-growing, exciting sport. To join the fun, follow the basic safety regulations (now the Basic Safety Requirements or BSRs) that govern parachuting, use only the best equipment and, above all, get qualified instructions and remember: Keep it safe!”
    Also, as he said at the end of another Ripcord episode, “Mile High Triangle”: “Hi! Parachuting is an exciting, fast-growing sport, but don’t try without qualified instructions, be sure you use good equipment, even so it’ll be take tens of jumps (now 25+ jumps) before you can tackle the hazardous job as Jim (Buckley) and I do as professionals.”

  4. Dave Mummery says:

    What info do you have re the 2nd Annual Tournament of Sport Parachuting held at Ft. Bragg, NC May of 1959 and participating teams. ie The Desert Sky Divers from Yuma Test Station?

  5. Amelia Diaz says:

    For this your Skydiving Museum & Hall of Fame and the coming Skydive Experience Interactive Museum in North Orlando, Florida, I wish the audacious and brave Ripcord men, the handsome, headstrong, youthful and colorful skydiver Ted McKeever (the late Larry Pennell) and his inseparable level-headed older mentor and best buddy Jim Buckley (the also late Ken Curtis), will teach the visitors everything on sport parachuting or skydiving safety through the magic of high technology virtual reality, particularly the juvenile ones: kids and teens.

  6. Amelia Diaz says:

    Now days they don’t make exciting paradiving adventure series like Ripcord (first-run syndicated: 1961-1963) anymore, but they need to, and there’ll never be another Larry Pennell (1928-2013) who plays the handsome, headstrong, youthful, colorful, audacious and brave skydiver Ted McKeever nor another Ken Curtis (1916-1991) who plays his inseparable level-headed older mentor and best buddy Jim Buckley who teach us the importance of sport parachuting safety, which is something vital for every real life amateur and professional diver or jumper alike and that’s all that really matters.

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