There are some sports that really deserve being captured on camera. Whether it's the camaraderie while climbing to altitude, exiting an aircraft, in the air, under canopy, swooping a pond or a graceful stand-up landing, the images of our sport give us a magnificent and inspiring perspective. Enjoy!

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Alan Eustace on a test jump before making his world record jump from 135,890.   This test jump was made on May 9, 2013 in Coolidge, AZ. Alan gave a little information about this jump. 

"This was the first airplane test, out of a Skyvan, provided by Skydive Arizona. The test unveiled lots of problems. On the exit, the GPS antenna and the communication antenna came off. I could not depressurize the suit because the depressurization valve was just above my left hip - impossible to see - and partially blocked by the harness webbing. 

Since I could not depressurize, I also could not reach the steering toggles. I drifted across the desert after opening at 10,000 feet. The team had to work very hard to find me before my oxygen ran out. It took a year to redesign all the systems before we were ready for our second airplane test."

"One other thing this picture shows. I was trying to pull my main parachute (the lower of the two handles on the right side) and the drogue parachute wasn't releasing, so the main didn't come out. Daniel "Blikkies" Blignaut, my good friend and safety diver, had to come in and pull for me. Blikkies later discovered and fixed the problem."

Photo by Daniel "Blikkies" Blignaut.


World Team Photo by Tom Sanders Aerial Focus

Dirt Diving at ZHills.  Photo by Jim Harris

Woody Binnicker dead center circa 1971.

Mohamed Al-Refai jumps Kuwait's flag celebrating Kuwait National Day. Photo by Zach Schroedel

First Woman 8-Way - July 27, 1969. Photo by Ray Cottingham

Eugene Tarakhomin over Aerograd DZ in Russia -  2016. 
Photo by Serge Shakuto.

Photo by Tom Sanders, Aerial Focus

Photo by Zach Schroedel.

One of Bill Ottley's creative, memorable Christmas cards.

Photo by Cheryl Brown.

Bill Hammell and Lee Guilfoyle (D-50).

Brian Germain, Tony Uragallo and unknown skydiver - 3-way sit fly in 1994 over Quincy, Il during the World Free Fall Convention. Photo by Mike Mcgowen.

11-way with point of view from the inside of formation over Elsinore - December 16, 1972. Photo by Ray Cottingham.

Sierra over Hawaii. Photo by Tom Sanders, Aerial Focus.

Nancy LaRiveria turning style. 

27-way night record. September 20, 1980. Photo by Ray Cottingham.

2016 World Wingsuit Flying Championships. Photo by Cheryl Brown.

Roy Harper and canopy at Skydive City, ZHills. ​Photo by Cheryl Brown.