Sherry Butcher has joined the museum's Board of Trustees.

Sherry made her first jump in May 1993 and now has just under 10,000 jumps in her 30 years of skydiving. Her education includes a bachelors degree in psychology and a masters degree in social work. She is a real estate investor and broker of her own real estate company, ACC Home Realty, which opened in 2009 and continues today. 

Sherry began her skydiving instructional career as a static line jump master, then became an AFF Instructor, Tandem Instructor, Senior Rigger and Skydive University Coach by 1998. The Master Rigger’s tickets soon followed. Sherry has been running Aerohio Skydiving since 1996, and still completely loves making new skydivers! Her passion for teaching led her to become an active Coach and AFF examiner, and she enjoys teaching courses, running the skydiving center, organizing, coaching, and AFF jumps still today. Sherry has served on the United States Parachute Association Board of Directors since 2001, serving many years as the Secretary, one term as President and now is in her second term as Vice President. Sherry has two sons who grew up on the DZ and are both actively continuing the family skydiving and aviation legacy. She is most proud of her work with the Safety & Training Committee in the development of training methods and programs that have been implemented all over the world, and being part of a bigger team to push the skydiving industry to a higher level of professionalism with highly improved safety standards. Sherry is now dedicated to the museum and making sure our skydiving history is documented and appreciated for all to see in the future.

Sherry is a member of the museum's Development Committee.