Deadline for nominations for the 2022 Pioneers of Excellence Award is March 1!  All nominations must include the proper paperwork to be considered.  

The International Skydiving Museum & Hall of Fame recognizes there are entities that have played a prominent role in the growth and development of the sport of skydiving making them worthy of special recognition.  The Pioneers of Excellence Award was added in 2021 to recognize entities that contributed in the 70's and earlier.  The Path of Excellence Award, honoring entities from the 80's and beyondwill not be presented in 2022 - instead, the 2020 Path of Excellence recipients, the World Team 2006 - 400-Way Largest Formation World Record, will be honored.

Since 2010 as part of the International Skydiving Museum & Hall of Fame (ISM) awareness and fundraising effort, the ISM has, each year, held a weekend event celebrating the sport and history of skydiving. During this event, the ISM has inducted individuals to the Hall of Fame and presented other awards for significant contributions to the sport of skydiving and/or the ISM.  The 2022 Hall of Fame Celebration will take place at Skydive DeLand, DeLand, Florida, USA, the weekend of October 6 - 8..

Eligible candidates for the Pioneers of Excellence Award include teams, companies, organizations or groups that have made exceptional and noteworthy contribution(s) to the sport of skydiving in the 70's or earlier in the form of development, evolution and preservation of skydiving through:
Performance and/or Competitive Excellence
Sponsorship and/or Philanthropy
Design, Invention, and/or Manufacturing
Sport Promotion
Award Presentation

Visit the Awards tab for additional information and a nomination form.  Once a nomination is made, it will be retained on file for future consideration.  Please contact Nancy (Kemble) Wilhelm, Museum Administrator, to find out if a candidate has been nominated or for further information.