You only have until Thursday, February 1st, to submit nominations for the 2024 Path and Pioneers of Excellence awards! Absolutely NO nominations will be accepted after the deadline!

If you know of a group, company, organization or team that deserves to be recognized for their significant contributions to the world of skydiving, nominate them NOW!  Both awards will be presented at the International Skydiving Hall of Fame Celebration at Skydive Chicago the weekend of September 26 - 28. The Pioneers of Excellence will be presented at the luncheon and the Path of Excellence at the barbecue, both Friday, September 27.  

Your nominees for the 2024 Path and Pioneers of Excellence awards will be joining company with some of the most influential groups in skydiving history....past recipients for the Pioneers of Excellence are the US Army Parachute Team-The Golden Knights-Competion Teams, the 1970 Freefall Exhibition Team, and Para Gear Equipment Co., Inc.  The Path of Excellence past recipients are:  Skydivers Over Sixty (SOS), Arizona Airspeed, World Team 2006-400-Way Largest Formation World Record, the 100-Way Canopy Large Formation World Record, and the 1988 Seoul Olympic Skydiving Exhibition Team. 

The Path and Pioneers of Excellence Awards recognizes entities – groups, companies, organizations or teams for significant contribution(s) of enduring high value to the world of skydiving.The Path of Excellence is given to entities that have contributed to the sport in the 80's and beyond; the Pioneers of Excellence recognizes entities that contributed in the 70's and before.

Click here for details about the awards and make your nominations now! Please complete the form with as many details as possible. Eligible candidates include teams, companies, organizations or groups that have made exceptional and noteworthy contribution(s) to the sport of skydiving in the form of development, evolution and preservation of skydiving through:
Performance and/or Competitive Excellence
Sponsorship and/or Philanthropy
Design, Invention, and/or Manufacturing
Sport Promotion

Contact Nancy (Kemble) Wilhelm, Museum Administrator, to find out if a candidate has been nominated or for further information. The deadline for nominations for the 2024 Path of Excellence and Pioneers of Excellence Awards is February 1. All nominations must include the proper paperwork to be considered.   

Submit your nomination now!