There was an impressive group of members of the Hall of Fame in attendance at the 2022 Hall of Fame Celebration!

Back row from left:  Roger Ponce de Leon, Kirk Verner, Alan Eustace, Ian Bobo, Chris Needels, Cheryl Stearns, Bruno Brokken, Mike McGowan, Tom Sanders, Brenda Reid. 

Front row from left:  Amy Chmelecki, Norman Heaton, Curt Curtis, Lenny Potts, William Grut (representing Dave Waterman), Bill Booth, Jackie Smith, Solly Williams, Craig Girard, Eliana Rodriguez, Lesley Gale, Larry Hill, Jan Works (representing Pat Works), Scott Hamilton, Henny Wiggers, John Higgins, Ray Cottingham, Bill Morrissey, Norman Kent (representing Deanna Kent), Bruce Wicks. 

Present but not pictured: Omar Alhegelan, Pete Allum, Chris Gay, Yasu Kubo, Tony Uragallo 

Photo by Randy Forbes