Join us for book signings Friday and Saturday, October 8 & 9, at Skydive Perris where you can purchase and have the authors autograph your favorite skydiving books!  (A portion of all book sales benefit the International Skydiving Museum & Hall of Fame.)

Above All Else by Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld
Dan "BC" tells the story from his introduction to skydiving through the journey to becoming a World Champion 4-Way and 8-Way competitor. Along the way, he was in a plane crash in the early '90s where 16 skydivers on board died including some of his teammates and he was seriously injured. 


Selections skydiving photo book by Michael McGowan
Mike McGowan... freefall photographer extraordinaire. This giant, perfect coffee table book, has some of the most amazing shots in skydiving. Packed with more than 100 large, full-page photographs.


My First 1,000 Jumps, The Evolution of a Skydiver and the Organization that Became His Life by Norm Heaton
The only comprehensive history of the early days of the sport of skydiving yet published.  It is the story of not just one skydiver but the story of many, the true pioneers of the sport.


Come Up and Get Me by Joe Kittinger
Col Joe joins author Craig Ryan to document an astonishing career exploring aeronautical feats and propelling Americans into space using the worlds oldest flying machine - the balloon. Design best-practices suggest a large font size for easy readability both on desktop and mobile devices.


How To Fly: Life Lessons From A Professional Skydiver by Melanie Curtis
This book is the chronological anthology of every single Blue Skies magazine column Melanie wrote for every single issue for over a decade as well as every single feature article and in-depth interview.


The Sugar Alpha Chronicles by Roger Nelson and Melissa Nelson 
A series of books based on the life of the late skydiving pioneer and Melissa’s father, Roger Nelson. Originally written by Roger, the series were not published until years after his death when Melissa picked up the dusty manuscript and turned them into books. A decade’s worth of research and finding out truths of her past the series came to fruition.


Broken! by Michael S. Kearns and Ronald B. Solomon 
An educational narrative, one that allows the reader to explore, experience, and understand the moral hazard that is always present when one enjoys absolute power without accountability of any kind. As we know from Abu Ghraib, gang rape, drowning, hanging with dislocated shoulders, humiliation with feces – these are what American boys and girls consider “fun” when allowed to become unhinged.