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2019 Skydiving Hall of Fame Celebration Schedule
October 17, 18, 19, 2019 -  Skydive Perris

10-Way SPEED STAR WARS Competition sponsored by Skydive Perris

Ten-way speed star competition traces its roots back to 1967 when three teams - Arvin Good Guys, the Group from Elsinore and the Old River Rats - competed at Taft, CA.  The Arvin Good Guys won with two back-to-back 10-way stars. Clarice Garrison was on the Arvin team, changing 10-man to 10-way. (From Bill Newell's articles in Parachutist - The Rise and Demise of the Arvin Good Guys.) Fever for 10-way speed star competition spread from Southern California to ZHills, Hinckley, Seattle and Texas and eventually around the world and now it is making a comeback. Dive into nostalgia and organize your team for the 10-Way SPEED STAR WARS experience using USPA's no-show rules. Registration is $100 per team. Teams are required to have a captain (for us to contact) and a Videographer. Contact Marylou Laughlin to find out more.
Photo by Ray Cottingham. Perris. May 22, 1988

Register your team now!!! If you are an individual and would like to join a pick-up team, go to the "Individual Registration". Marylou will find you a spot.




Sequential Total Break World Record Attempts

Starting four days before the International Skydiving Hall of Fame Celebration,121 jumpers from 18 countries to make the very first attempts under new IPC rules for a 1st Sequential World Record with Total Break where 100% of the jumpers must move during each transition. Organized by Sequential Games (Patrick Passe, Dieter Kirsch, Milko Hodgkinson – pictured) Under old rules (which are still current) participants are allowed to have at least 35% of the jumpers in the whole group to move. Under new rules, 100% of the jumpers must move and it why it is named Total Break World Record.

Canopy Sequential Largest Formation World Record Attempts

Wednesday through Friday will be the Canopy Formation Sequential Largest Formation World Record attempts. Forty-four skydivers will attempt to build multiple Canopy Formations in a Christmas tree design. In March, the previous world record was set - a Canopy Formation 2 Point 37 Way.
Photo of CFS World Team by Bruno Brokken



Canopy Formation Night Largest Formation World Record Attempt sponsored by Skydive Moab

Friday night after the Path of Excellence Award Presentation, the skies over Skydive Perris will be lit up with 42 skydiver attempting to break the current 36 way Canopy Formation Night Largest Formation World Record. The world record was set in March and was on the cover of Parachutists magazine.
Photo by Bruno Brokken


Classic Accuracy Demo/Competition

Classic Accuracy is the oldest of the parachute disciplines, with the first World Championships held more than 50 years ago, it is a test of a skydiver's skill, judgement and ability to control their parachute accurately.  In the round canopy days, competitors would fly downwind to the target trying to hit a 10-centimeter disk in a pea gravel area. With today's high-performance canopy designs, jumpers fly the canopies into the wind and slowly with precision try to hit a 2-centimeter target on an electronic pad. There will be a three jump competition on Saturday close to all the activities so you can watch and be amazed at the skill and concentration of today's accuracy jumpers.

Tandem Jumps

Get back in the air again and have your kids or grandkids join you. In 2017, Kim Knor did a generation jump with her daughter, Tara (right) and her granddaughter, Katie. What a way to bond! Donna Wardean made her first jump in May, 1966 at Arvin, CA. Donna said making a tandem jump "is like "putting a fish back into water."  Skydive Perris is offering discounts for those attending the International Skydiving Hall of Fame Celebration.

More info to follow.

Fun Jumping

SkydivePerris is a leader in the world for fun jumping and load organizing. What's your pleasure - RW, freeflying, canopy relative work and pretty much any type of skydiving.

Build your own load or head to Manifest, find out which loads we have organizers on, and which organizers are jumping that day. You can hook up with them and we will organize something for you to do on that load.

Meet some new friends and have some fun at the same time. Now Just Jump!