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Larry Hill1967 was the year I made my first skydive. It was also the year I met my wife Lil skydiving in Belgium. We have both loved this sport ever since and our lives evolve around this great sport. Running one of the largest Skydiving centers in the world gives us the chance to see and be involved in this great growth. The changes we have seen in the evolution of the equipment and disciplines and the skills of skydivers that are being done now could never have been imagined. We are doing things in the air and with equipment that no one could ever have imagined back in the 60’s when we started. But what got us to this level are the pioneers of this great sport. We need to remember these people and accomplishments. It is thrilling to imagine a museum dedicated to the achievements of skydiving, past, present and the future. What better way to demonstrate and understand where we are today than to have hands on experience with the evolution of equipment, training and skydiving disciplines and, of course, the people.

I love competition and have been proud to sponsor people who brought together a unique brand of teamwork, determination, responsibility and other quality of character traits that had a major impact on our sport. Recently at Skydive Arizona 63 women flying head down in formation set a new world record. I want this achievement and others before it and those in the future to be enshrined in a place that connects us to our past, illuminates the present and challenges us for the future. The Skydiving Museum is a grand, worthy goal. I’m all for it and whether you have one jump or thousands of jumps, I hope you will give your support as well.

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  1. I remember my first Tandem Skydive in 1990 (at 50) and the photoengraver who made the video said at the end “HOTDOG!!!”; what a time. 
    Peter Knuebel

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