2015 Hall of Fame Inductees

2015 Hall of Fame Inductees
2015 Group

2015 Alexander Beloglazov currentAlexander “Sasha” Beloglazov – Ryazan, Russia is a highly accomplished skydiving athlete, coach, instructor, and event organizer who is one of the most decorated skydivers in Russia.  His illustrious skydiving career has spanned 40 years and included 17,000 jumps.  In the early 1980’s, Mr. Beloglazov was largely responsible for introducing formation skydiving to the civilian and military parachutists in USSR/Russia.   Sasha has been honored as the Master of Sport – Russia’s highest honor for a sportsman – twice in the Classic events and once in formation skydiving.

2015 Helmut Cloth from FB

Helmut Cloth—Bad Wűnnenberg, Germany made his first jump in 1972; two years later, he became a skydiving instructor and CCI. In 1986, Helmut participated in the European RW record attempt in Bavaria. During one of the training jumps, a tragic accident occurred and a close friend of his impacted the ground with neither his main or reserve deployed. It was after that moment, the vision of an AAD that would be extremely reliable and accepted was created and four years later, after twelve prototypes, the CYPRES was born. In 1990 Airtec GmbH Safety Systems in Bad Wűnnenberg was established. Today, over 90,000 CYPRES 2 units have been produced.

2015a Yasuhiro Kubo by Willy BoeykensYasuhiro Kubo—Tokyo, Japan D-10142 is the most accomplished skydiver in Asia. During his 32-year skydiving career, he has amassed 12,000+ jumps, earned a USPA D-license, and a CSS Gold Freefall badge. Yasu is highly experienced in multiple disciplines, including formation skydiving, skysurfing, freefly, canopy formation, canopy swooping, and wingsuit flying. He is inspirational with students and low-time skydivers, a role model for experienced skydivers, and a solid teammate when pursuing world records on the global stage. Photo by Willy Boeykens


2015 Nate Pond head shot

Nathan “Nate” Pond’s—Andover, VT D-69 family farm is the place real sport parachuting started. Nate started freefalling in 1952 in Goodhill, CT. He was a member of the 1958 U.S. Parachute Team for the Bratislava, Czechoslovakia World Champions; a member of the 1961 World Record Team setting the first established world records in the U.S.; and chief pilot and U.S. Team Pilot for the 1962 World Championships. He was the first test jumper for the Pioneer Parachute Company. Nate is an airline transport pilot, FAA licensed in multi-engine ratings and a parachute rigger. He, along with Jacque Istel, invented the concept of the remote controlled opener for the reserve parachute.

2015 Paul Poppenhager head shot

Paul Poppenhager—Old Town, FL D-47 has been an active parachutist and pioneer in the sport for 60 years starting in 1953 with the U.S. Army Airborne and service as a parachute rigger. In 1959, Pop established Florida’s first   skydiving club with five members; by 1960, the club grew to over 100 members and, at the time, was the largest skydiving club in the U.S. Pop was well known as one of the country’s best accuracy and style jumpers.   In the 60’s and 70’s, he hosted the premier competitive money meet attracting many of the most skilled skydivers in the country. He is a self-taught pilot and aircraft mechanic and was the first skydiver to make 2,000 and, then 5,000 jumps.

Brenda HOF Picture (2)Brenda Reid—Eloy, AZ D-8660 started jumping in 1974 in Pietermaritzburg, Natal, South Africa and moved to Johannesburg, South Africa in 1976 where she became Secretary of the Parachuting Section, Aero Club of South Africa. In 1978, Brenda captained an all female 4-way team at the World Cup in France. In 1980, she moved to the U.S. and in 1987, started judging and earned her National Judges Rating. In 1992, she earned her Private Pilot’s license and in 1996-97, wrote the Manual for the IPC Judges Training Program that was subsequently adopted by the IPC in 1998.  Brenda is currently co-owner and Vice-President/CFO of Rigging Innovations. Inc., a parachute equipment manufacturer located in Eloy AZ USA.

2015 Bob Sinclair head shotRobert (Bob) Sinclair’s (posthumously) – Florida D-272 lifetime involvement as an accomplished skydiver and air to air photographer spanned 69 years. His most significant contribution to the sport was the development of helmet mounted motion and still picture cameras. As a result, Bob and others filmed skydivers doing script required maneuvers for the film industry. Bob’s credits in filming and/or jumping included 11 movies including Daring Game, 53 television shows including Ripcord, and 45 TV commercials including Eastman Kodak all of which brought about significant public awareness of skydiving.










  1. bill price says:

    so glad to see poppenhager,(pop) going into the hall of fame, so much earned over all those years, made many jumps at his dz in Indiantown,fl. so many great memories, bp

  2. Frank Arenas says:

    Great to see my friend Bob Sinclair recognized, as he certainly deserves it. Bob started spending winters in Florida at my FreeFlight Airport in 2000 or 2001 and went north to Michigan and other DZs in the summer.

    I believe I was fortunate to make Bob’s last skydive with him in DeLand about 4 or 5 years ago – 2 way with Bob diving, me base, doing a “hog flop” jump. He used no helmet, no goggles, metal main ripcord with spring loaded pilot chute, was smiling the entire time in freefall.

    He always put a disk in the peas to shoot accuracy and bet the mandatory $1 for whoever hit closest. He had gained some weight and was jumping an old F-111 canopy that was too small for him; I had suggested we forget the accuracy landing but he refused. He did a typical steep accuracy approach and pounded in, injuring his knee. Don’t think he made another after that as his overall health took a turn for the worst.

    I would introduce him to my students and even visiting experienced jumpers but they never really appreciated his early contributions to our sport. He brought out many VHS tapes and photos of his jumping exploits and told many great bonfire stories from jumping in Alaska, to jumping with Johnny Carson in California and old barnstorming jumps.

    We lost a true friend of the sport and under-appreciated skydiver who deserves not to be forgotten. See you Bob, fly with the angels – Frank B. Arenas, D-8,200

    • Bruce Keiper says:

      I had the privilege of getting to know Bob over several winters @ Mike Mullins’s winter home @ Coolidge, AZ. i would drive him into town to buy groceries and spent a good deal of time in his bus enjoying his stories and photographs. I stopped jumping about 10 years ago (a long story) and recently went through my last log book and found a $1 bill with a note on it “received from Bob Sinclair for closest to the disc”. He was one of a kind.

  3. Jerry Morris says:

    Poppenhager’ If they hadn’t put you in the Hall OF Fame’ no Body should be in it! It’s your Home ! thank’s for the good times..and the Delray Aerial Circus name..
    Jerry Morris D-2239 SCR-230

    • Gary Corderman says:

      Hi Jerry… Good to hear from you and certainly concur with your thoughts that Poppenhager belongs in the Hall of Fame and they were good times had by all at Indiantown. Best Regards, Gary Corderman, D-2510

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