“Gear Through the Years” presentation at Hall of Fame Event!

      Join us for our “Gear Through the Years” presentation sponsored by PIA at the 2017 Hall of Fame Celebration Event, September 21 – 23 at Chicagoland Skydiving Center (CSC), Rochelle, Illinois.
Since 2010, PIA has donated its resources during the Hall of Fame Celebration Event to create an exhibition representing skydiving gear through the decades. In the initial years, the presentation was a stagnant display with mannequins. Beginning in 2014, PIA administrator, Mary Thompson, recruited willing “bodies” to participate in a “fashion show” to take event participants on a stroll down memory lane.
This year’s “Gear Through the Years” will be held on Friday and Saturday afternoons at CSC. Walking the runway will be Cindi Bagley, Dave DeWolf (Hall of Fame ’16), Kim Knor (Hall of Fame ’13), Sandy Reid, Lew Sanborn (Hall of Fame ’10), Dan Tarasievich, and Cheryl Whitford. Mary Thompson, PIA Administrator, will serve as emcee. And to continue the tradition started last year, there will also be a local wing suit and freeflier in the line-up.
Be sure to visit www.skydivingmuseum.org or contact museum administrator Nancy Kemble at nkemble@skydivingmuseum.org to register for this year’s event! And remember to join us for the “Gear through the Years” presentation!

Pictured: 2016 Gear Through the Years featuring (from left): Kim Knor representing the 50s, Dave DeWolf the 60s, Cheryl Whitford the early 70s, Roberto Montañez the late 70s, Dan Tarasievich the 80s, Cindi Bagley the 90s, D-1 Lew Sanborn representing today’s gear and emcee Mary Thompson introducing Andrew Velasquez, the wing suiter. Photo by Kay Robinson

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