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Hall of Fame Nominations Due December 31!

The deadline for nominations for the 2018 induction into the International Skydiving Hall of Fame is December 31st! All nominations must include the proper paperwork to be considered.

Created in 2010, the International Skydiving Hall of Fame was established to recognize those who, through leadership, innovation and/or accomplishments, have defined, promoted and advanced skydiving at the highest and sustained levels such that they have made it possible for generations of skydivers to enjoy the sport. The total membership of the Hall of Fame now includes 53 of the world’s most highly accomplished sports parachutists (complete list below).

Click on the Hall of Fame tab for additional information and a nomination form. All valid nominations received by the Hall of Fame since its inception have remained on file for future consideration. The committee will deliberate at its meeting in February 2018 in Dallas. Please contact Nancy Kemble, Museum Administrator, to find out if an individual has been nominated or for further information.

Members, International Skydiving Hall of Fame
Richard “Buzz” Bennett
Roy C. Johnson
General John “Jack” Singlaub
Graeme K. Windsor
Pat Works

Larry K. Bagley
Dave DeWolf
Edward A. “Doc” Fitch
Dick Fortenberry
Patrick “Pat” Moorehead
Bill Morrissey

Alexander “Sasha” Beloglazov
Helmut Cloth
Yasuhiro “Yasu” Kubo
Nathan “Nate” Pond
Paul “Pop” Poppenhager
Brenda G. Reid
Robert “Bob” Sinclair

Jerry Bourquin
Dan “BC” Brodsky Chenfeld
Norman Heaton
Chris Needels
Helmut Schlecht

James F. “Curt” Curtis III
Jack Jefferies
Kim Emmons Knor
Chuck MacCrone
Jackie Smith
Jim Wallace

Carl Boenish
Bob Buquor
Claude Gillard
Craig Girard
Dan Poynter
Hank and Muriel Simbro

Uwe Beckmann
Bill Booth
Jacques-André Istel
L. Len Potts
Steve Snyder
Tee Taylor

Lowell Bachman
Jerry Bird
Georgia “Tiny” Broadwick
Joe Crane
Joe Kittinger
Eilif Ness
William H. Ottley
Lew Sanborn
Cheryl Stearns
Ted Strong
Gene Paul Thacker

“Gear Through the Years” presentation at Hall of Fame Event!

      Join us for our “Gear Through the Years” presentation sponsored by PIA at the 2017 Hall of Fame Celebration Event, September 21 – 23 at Chicagoland Skydiving Center (CSC), Rochelle, Illinois.
Since 2010, PIA has donated its resources during the Hall of Fame Celebration Event to create an exhibition representing skydiving gear through the decades. In the initial years, the presentation was a stagnant display with mannequins. Beginning in 2014, PIA administrator, Mary Thompson, recruited willing “bodies” to participate in a “fashion show” to take event participants on a stroll down memory lane.
This year’s “Gear Through the Years” will be held on Friday and Saturday afternoons at CSC. Walking the runway will be Cindi Bagley, Dave DeWolf (Hall of Fame ’16), Kim Knor (Hall of Fame ’13), Sandy Reid, Lew Sanborn (Hall of Fame ’10), Dan Tarasievich, and Cheryl Whitford. Mary Thompson, PIA Administrator, will serve as emcee. And to continue the tradition started last year, there will also be a local wing suit and freeflier in the line-up.
Be sure to visit or contact museum administrator Nancy Kemble at to register for this year’s event! And remember to join us for the “Gear through the Years” presentation!

Pictured: 2016 Gear Through the Years featuring (from left): Kim Knor representing the 50s, Dave DeWolf the 60s, Cheryl Whitford the early 70s, Roberto Montañez the late 70s, Dan Tarasievich the 80s, Cindi Bagley the 90s, D-1 Lew Sanborn representing today’s gear and emcee Mary Thompson introducing Andrew Velasquez, the wing suiter. Photo by Kay Robinson

Online Registration is Now Open!

ONLINE REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN FOR THE 2017 CELEBRATION EVENT! REGISTER NOW! Join us September 21 – 23 at Chicagoland Skydiving Center (CSC) in Rochelle, Illinois, for the 2017 International Skydiving Hall of Fame Celebration Event! Our annual weekend fundraiser of jumping, celebration, catching up with old friends and making new ones, and chatting with skydiving’s legends has become the go-to event for the skydiving community! To register, click on the “Online Registration” link on our home page or contact Nancy Kemble, Museum Administrator, at or 540/604-9745. We accept all major credit cards.

Graeme Windsor Receives APF’s Highest Honor

Join us in congratulating museum trustee and member of the International Skydiving Hall of Fame Class of 2017, Graeme K. Windsor, on being awarded the Australian Parachute Federation’s (APF’s) highest honor, the Master of Sport Parachuting. Graeme is only the sixth recipient to receive the award since its inception in 1974. The award is given to recognize Graeme’s outstanding representation in competition and administration for nearly 50 years. It may only be awarded by a unanimous decision of the APF board.

Jerry Irwin

The skydiving community had another icon of the sport taken much too soon, Jerry Irwin.  Jerry was a master at his craft producing some of the most iconic skydiving photographs ever taken.  His signature photo collection representing a lifetime of work (commencing in the late ’50s until his untimely death) was recently acquired by the International Skydiving Museum & Hall of Fame to help skydiving’s rich history be with the sport forever.

There will be a Celebration of Life for Jerry at Delaware Veterans Club, 2535 Veterans Dr., Wilmington DE 19810, Saturday, February 25 from 2 – 4 pm. The club is located off of Naamans Road. (Photo by Lee Guilfoyle)



Int’l Skydiving Museum Announces Comprehensive Program to Preserve Historic Images

The International Skydiving Museum & Hall of Fame is taking a bold step forward in preserving a large piece of skydiving history by announcing the creation of the Skydiving Photo, Film & Video Archive and Preservation Project. Museum President James F Curtis III today announced the birth of the Project initiative hallmarked by the acquisition of the irreplaceable and historic skydiving photo collection of famed freefall photographer Jerry Irwin.

True to its mission statement that the museum will “… promote the sport of skydiving through public education and awareness; recognize the contribution to skydiving by its participants, suppliers and supporters; …” and “… capture forever the history of the sport via its events, equipment, and personalities…”, this invaluable piece of history captured in Jerry’s images will be preserved before being lost or destroyed.  The Program will use the latest technology to preserve and digitize tens of thousands of photos and countless hours of film and video by expanding the collection to include images taken by the best freefall photographers and videographers from all over the world. This amazing first step was made possible by the generous support of small group of anonymous donors enabling the Program to acquire the Irwin Collection immediately and work with professional archivists to preserve, digitize and catalogue the images.

Ultimately, the entire collection will be accessible to visitors at the International Skydiving Museum & Hall of Fame when it opens in its new home at its future location in central Florida.

Chuck MacCrone


An Interment for Chuck MacCrone will take place in Barrancas National Cemetery in Pensacola, Florida, on Friday, December 2, at 2:00pm. For a map and instructions for entry to the base and cemetery please go here.

Pat Works

We are saddened to report the passing of Pat Works.

Pat and his wife, Jan, first got involved with the museum in 2012 when they assembled an exhibit on formation (AKA ‘relative work’) skydiving from the 1960s through the 1990s for the International Skydiving Hall of Fame Celebration Event. Shortly after, Pat joined the Curations Committee as an advisor.  More recently, Pat was the creator of the museum’s popular online Skydiving Encyclopedia as a searchable WIKI, where others can contribute to building a comprehensive and accurate archive on the sport’s history.

Pat passed peacefully.  There is no confirmation, but Jan believes it was heart failure.

There will be a Celebration of his Life for Pat at Skydive Perris, his home drop zone, at a date to be announced.

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